Thursday, March 15, 2012

creative writing :L

Rules are there to be broken . Well that's what I’ve all ways thought . deep down I’ve always been a rebel.

High up. Feeling like im on top of the world. I look down, see the cars that look like a matchbox car set, dead grass where kids have tramped over it for 43 year’s. The long lines of modern roof tops fade in to the distance.Looking to the left i am reminded by the terror i feel towards that class.The bars on the Windows,made me feel like i was captured.

This lady giving you the evils, then realise you are chewing gum in her class, she slams her hand on the board points to a sign on the wall “you can chew gum, if you put it in my jar and pick another one out” .Its disgusting  her old crusty gum, I don't think anyone has ever picked another piece. You can see the the different layers of gum for every year, the bottom is  watery im dry reaching when ever i see it,  I couldn't imagine a woman who would even do such a thing. First impressions of her are scary, buzz cut and chain with a lock for her necklace,  rules every where around the class, thoes eyes looking at you  ‘welcome to prison’. You can imagine the evil laugh she has in her head. They put you in that class for all sorts of reasons. I was in there because my shoes were the wrong colour.

Years have passed,I have the rite shoes now I'm a white shirt, year thirteen is looking promising.
The bell has gone. This is my chance to get my perfect image, of every one leaving school.
Yelling out to one of my class mates.
“Oi, come help me quick! I need you to hold the ladder while I get up on the roof, when I drop my camera down, you run into the dark room straight after,  K? Sweet,”
Standing up there on, With teachers looking at me and students pointing, I'm on top of the world. For the few moments I'm up there. I feel invincible. Seeing over the front of the school, watching the river bed of blue shirts running up that hill every one escaping, they'll think of death  if they don't get out soon enough.

My time on the roof isn't just for the pleasure,  being on top of the world and every one looking at me, Its the pleasure of what i am creating up their .I am an artist a pin hole camera is my tool of choice , with the bright light shining through the little hole in my empty coffee tin . Threes only a piece of paper in there, what ever light shines through, will hopefully show up. But as an artist every thing isn't as easy . there are a lot of things we have to do. There are a lot of things that can go wrong .I’ve spent all day, trying to get it right,Its time running down that hall way chasing the one with my camera, suddenly stopping and walking caustically into the dark room, the only light is red, its hard to adjust you eyes,but you get used to it .Ripping my paper out of the tin, drowning it  in the slimy chemicals .Hoping and praying that my image will come up beautifully.

I’ve come so fare form being behind bars to on top off the roof with the teaches trusting me and letting me do with i want with my art . there are limits but .as i said before rules are there to be broken . As an artist there are no rules, if they were rules the world of art would be dead by now.

Sunday, March 11, 2012


each peace
 pin hole star. 1
idea  ..  i hoped up on to the roof .and going my pin hole camera . took a photo . about twenty seconds
. after i closed the flap of tin foil . and passed it to some one in the class .
purpose    . to try and capture life . school life i guess . yeah
intention of peace .   ^^^ capturing life .
Darren glass and i share the passion of pin hole camers . in one of his emails back to me . he wrote " i try and capture life in every photo "
morst of his work is inspiring to me actualy . not just one peice . i like the Frisbee photos that he did . those were in spring but not more than anyone elce .
i uesd the pin hole camera that some one elc made last year . :L i ended up using a square out of a coke can. for the pin hole . its more duribal than just tin foil .  in the prosses . i got a hole new pack of photo sencitive paper . but that didnt wok for some reason . mr B try a test strip that was last years pack . that i thort was exposed all ready . but i ended up using that in sted of the new paper .
. the efficeof the stars looking thigs in the sky . well i think its my finger prints . i handled it alot . lol . then i scaned it . it took allday  to scann . i eddited it on photoshop . and changed the contrast and shaddow . the saturation was changed all so in the final product . to make it more of a purple colour .
 i used pin hole because i love uesing it and the effects of it .
the pin hole was a learning expearenc  . it was sussusfull but it took a while to get it good . i knw nw how to and what to do properly . id say im pretty confidint in it . i would of helped tho if we didnt run out of chemicals for the devloper . but i made do with what i had .
my next peice . well im going to carry on with pin holes . for my folieo . and mr B said try to make on . and roll it down a hill. so yeah that one of my pics . :L

lake photo .

  1 most of my photos are the same meaning to them , trying to capture life  in the photo .
well i took a camera frm school one day .
 went home got on my bike and relised the camera was flat and that you cant charg them with the usb . :L so i biked  bk to school . and get a spare battery . finily the camera was charged :L . so i went to the lake in search of live living things . i can accross . a little todler runningaround chasing ducks . this was my oppitunity . lol the mother didnt think so . bahaahah . im sure she thort i was a pedo with a camera  .
3 i just used a camera . and i eddited it with photoshop .
4 it was sussefuly photographed . but its not my best work . i like my pin hole camera much more .

lake indian man black and blue

life .
ame thing riding round the lake and just finding intresting things to photograph .
it was inspirign to me . and also his scooter lol . just great oppitunitys for erfict photos . well not pearfict
 the sun is over exposd but it was one of my first tryes . so im happy with what i got . i tryed to eddited it and make the sun olight more dul . but nah just didnt work .
just the camera that i got frm school . it would of been to hard taking a pin hole around with me . im not that good at all of the aspecs of it all . but i am conifidnt in making at school. i think i would of ruind it all . if i did tak it to schhol wast of time and paper . ill practise and maby one day . just like darren glas .
4 . sussfull yeah but learn to focus better . the sun was a let down in it .
i like the black&white back round . it looked realy effective but. i decided to play around with it and i made the sky the original colour with a bt off editting . it came out great for wtha it is.

pin hole blob .
 mean in this phot is to capture school life . when every one is leaving school . it was great one of my best photos . thanks to every one that helped me . get down off the roof . lol and catching the pin hole and runnign it into the dark room :L THANKS HEEPS .
i dont remember how i got this idea . but i was just playing a round with pin holes at the satrt of the week and .  i asked my self how would you captur life at school . SCHOOL LIFE . when and where are the most people out and around at school . when it ends every one is leaving for the top gate . thats how i got every one ther and then .
when devolping it . ther was an error . in it . ther was a ghost . well thats what i told every body . but when i looked at it properly . i was a blob . lol sucks much one of the best photos with the most tracks (people) . it would of been grat if it was a gohst cos id be capturing after life as well as life :L . but no it was a blob .
 so i scaned it in to the computa . and put it on photoshop . carissa MY HERO  :L . used her skills in photoshop and saved my life . clone stamping . lol i had never used it befour .
i came out great . next i got the help of a amazing artist . saruthna (NUKX ) who made the hol thing black and erased a cirical  . so it kinda looks like a skater shot . :L faded it . looks mint .
. i used thes baceand it waould look like shit if i didnt .
4 ver susscufull . the blob wasnt tho but turnd out ok . with the help of others .
learnt . be more carfull devloping . but idk what went wrong . stiill tho .
next peice . roll a pin hole down a hill . see what i get .

DONE ....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

probz just nee one more nw =) happytimes

so the gohst is gone . from my pin hole camer . darren glas finily emaied me bk . =) uhm thers no chemicals left . i scaned the new pin holes to the computa . fuked with them a bit . :L  mean as . put them on photo paper :L

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

pin hole delema / ghost.

well today im was trying to do a photoshoot with my newly made pin hole camra . made outa cola cans for the pin hole . not the can it selp lol :L . well i decied to get a hole new set of unexposed photo paper and then i reslised that i wanent to give up . i tryed it manny times . round 50 test strips . i got mrC to make new chemicls . but no still dindnt work with just the parper showing in the sun . . well i was pised as fuk . uhm then mrB showed me up . by mixing up more chemicals and using the old paper from last year that had i thort was allready exposed cos some lil !!! lefet it out . lll porbz was me last yeah . and what . wen in the end the new paper that i thor would work and the old parper that i thort would work were compleatly diffrent story . lol  faill blog . but in the end off the day i got bout 3 good photos out of it . im a bit scard . i think ther was a ghost in one of them . ="{ lol . uh yeah 2mor ima make a new pin hole camer . and rool it down a hil . see how that works out for me . PEACE OUT .